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5-Film Co-Director: "Secret Lives of Monsters"

Co-Director, "The Secret Lives of Monsters"- my comedy film concept selected for CHHS annual short film production.

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Co-Director, “Secret Lives of Monsters” | Hanes Theatre Department, CHHS

DATES:  November 2023 - Ongoing
  • Pitched an original idea, which was chosen among many ideas as the annual CHHS Theatre Department film for 2023-24 academic year 

  • I will co-direct the production, including being in charge of instructing cast, and assisting with: scriptwriting, storyboarding, collaborating on set designs and costuming, setting up lighting/ filming, editing, as well as acting

  • Currently writing a comedy script exploring what monsters do in their daily lives with help from production team

  • My concept for the film is to delve into the unexpected daily lives of monsters, featuring characters such as: Bigfoot as running a commune and music festival for hippies deep in the woods; The Creature from the Black Lagoon as a swimming pool maintenance man, who hits on all of his clients; Frankenstein and his bride are running an auto-mechanic shop in NJ, speaking in monstery voices but with thick Jersey accents; Count Dracula as an artist who paints portraits of his victims in their own blood; Medusa as a sculptress who never has to lift a chisel to create her masterpieces!

  • The script will be finalized in January and shooting starts by February 2024, with premiere slated for early April.

Project Reels / Highlights

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