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Here are some short monologues to briefly convey my approach to multiple types of scenes . . .

Monologue from "RADUIM GIRLS"

This is a brief dramatic monologue from the 2000 play "Radium Girls: A Play in Two Acts" by D.W. Gregory.  I am thrilled to be currently serving as the director of our Chapel Hill High School production of "Radium Girls", and I find the story to be both tragic and riveting.

Based on a true story, the play centers on several female workers poisoned by their factory's radium-based paint. Grace, Irene, and Kathryn paint glow in the dark watch and clock dials in the U.S. Radium Plant, and are instructed to finely point their brushes by molding the bristles with their mouths while painting.  This leads to widespread health problems and terminal illnesses among the workers, which are covered up by the factory management, until the workers find the courage to take the case to court.

This is a key scene, in which Grace explains to her mom why she has made the difficult but brave decision to testify in the court case against her employer . . . 

CLICK HERE for link to full text of "Radium Girls" Monologue

Monologue from "LAUGHING WILD"

This is a brief satirical monologue from the short play "LAUGHING WILD," a 1987 production written by Christopher Durang in the midst of the AIDS crisis. The format of the show is written for one actor and one actress, with the characters referred to simply as "Man" and "Woman."   The female character is highly emotional and unstable, and in this scene she explains how she ended up in her current predicament . . .

CLICK HERE for link to full text of "Laughing Wild" Monologue

radium girls monologue
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