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Films / Reels

Below are a few examples of CHHS Theatre Department films in which I have served in various capacities-- whether Director, Acting, Screenplay, Shooting, Editing, or other aspects as noted.

FILM 1:   "Transgressions" - A Short Film by Stella Costello Benson

I conceptualized, wrote the screenplay, cast, directed, shot, edited, and even acted in this short film, "Transgressions".  Below is the introduction to the film only-- see more details on this short film  under the "PROJECTS" tab at the top of this site.  The film won two
"Lindy Awards" for best screenplay and best cast in our annual school awards ceremony.   


"Transgressions" - A Film by Stella Benson (Full Film)

Introductory news scene of "Transgressions"

FILM 2:      "ETHEL & LYDIA" - Co-Starring Stella Benson

One of my favorite film acting roles so far was  Co-Starring in a Short film called
"ETHEL & LYDIA", created and Co-Directed by my wonderful Theatre Department colleague, Miranda Fishkin.  See the full version of the film below, as well as a gallery of stills and a key scene from the film. 


One thing I absolutely LOVED about doing this film with Miranda and the rest of the cast was learning the physicality of acting for the camera.   Especially in the scene where the camera transitions to slow motion as the two lead characters get into a physical fight. It was a really fun scene to play, and taught me a lot about the difference between how to capture such physicality in a film production, which is quite different than portraying something like a physical altercation in an on-stage play performance. 


"Ethel & Lydia" - Co-Starring Stella Benson (Full Film)

Fight Scene from Ethel & Lydia

FILM 3:  "Historical Studies with Andy H" - Acting Cast Member

I enjoyed acting in another CHHS Theatre Department film production that took some inspirations from the Wes Andersen style of storytelling.   It is a short film written and co-directed by my colleague Miranda Fishkin called "Historical Studies with Andy H", more or less about a class mutiny against their teacher. 

I especially liked the attention given in this production to conveying emotions visually, and the many camera close-ups capturing the facial expressions of cast members at key points in the action. I learned a lot about acting for the camera through the process, and enjoyed being part of an ensemble cast, in which we each gave our all to our performances. We collaborated beautifully together as a team to highlight the dynamics among the characters and in their relationship to "Andy H," and to help create layers of ambiguity between reality and fantasy. 


Historical Studies with Andy H. - Featuring Stella in Ensemble Cast (full film)

Classroom Scene -
"Historical Studies with Andy H"
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