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3-Leading Cast Member: "CLUE", Colonel Mustard

Portrayed Leading Character, Colonel Mustard, in CHHS Production of "CLUE"

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I had a wonderful experience and learned so much in portraying COLONEL MUSTARD, a leading character, in the CHHS fall production of the murder mystery "CLUE" while collaborating with a fantastic ensemble cast.

I chose to adapt a masculine slightly redneck dialect in the role, to help update the original "red scare" themes to a more modern context, as there are certain political parallels to modern paranoia and conspiracy theories prevalent in today's climate in Washington DC and beyond.

One of my favorite parts about playing Colonel Mustard was how I could infuse delivery of his lines with deadpan humor, in a manner that increased the social commentary elements, while also getting great laughs from the audience. For instance, the ironic homophobic undercurrent of the Colonel saying "not me" (in a slightly redneck accent) when reference is made to homosexuality.

The entire cast was wonderful and it was a joy to work as a team to bring out the best in each others' performances. I learned a lot as an actor, especially relating to the importance of movement, stage blocking, and physicality in on-stage performances.

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