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2-Play Director: "Radium Girls"

"Radium Girls" - Director of the CHHS Winter Play Production

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I am currently directing the CHHS Hanes Theatre Department production of "Radium Girls" that will be presented in February 2024.

Director, “Radium Girls” | Hanes Theatre Department, CHHS

DATES:  November 2023 - February 2024 (Ongoing)

  • In charge of directing CHHS Winter Production of “Radium Girls”

  • Working with and mentoring actors; arranging movement and staging

  • Collaborating with scenery, costuming, lighting and tech

CLICK HERE for a FULL copy of script

"Radium Girls" by D.W. Gregory is a play that explores the true story of young women who worked in radium dial factories in the 1920s. These women painted watch dials with radium paint, not knowing the extreme dangers of radiation exposure. The play follows the legal and personal struggles the main characters face as they fight for justice and workers' rights. Given their age and gender, it was particularly courageous of these young women to assert their rights in court during the 1920s era.

"Radium Girls" has been critically acclaimed for its powerful portrayal of historical events and ethical questions relating to corporate responsibility and the exploitation of workers. The play has been praised for its emotional impact and its ability to shed light on a lesser-known chapter of industrial history. I am especially interested in highlighting how "Radium Girls" provides strong social commentary on issues such as workplace safety, corporate negligence, and the resilience of individuals in the face of injustice.

This is my first opportunity to direct a purely dramatic production, and I am especially excited to help the cast portray the emotional intensity of the situation, and to channel the rage, anger, and indignation of the workers who have been unfairly exploited.

Project Reels / Highlights

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