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1-Creator/Director: "Transgressions" - A Short Film by STELLA BENSON

"Transgressions" - an original short film written, produced, directed, cast and edited by Stella Benson

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Director, “Transgressions” | Hanes Theatre Department, CHHS DATES:  January 2023 - April 2023

  • Wrote, directed, cast, filmed, acted in, and edited a 10-minute short film

  • Mockumentary style comedy that serves as social commentary on the ways that trans and LGBTQ people are misportrayed in media and subjected to exploitation and targeting by politicians

  • Won “Best Screenplay” and “Best Cast” at the Hanes Theatre Department’s annual Lindy Awards

  • I presented a speech at the film premier about the recent increase in anti-trans legislation in America, offering resources to the audience to help combat such laws from being passed

  • I led a small group in creating and writing the film, mentoring them on the process of film production, and handling editing, sound, filming and other technical aspects of production

Project Reels / Highlights

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